Aquaponics Plant Growth

The following 2 videos show the plant growing sections of an Indoor and an Outdoor Aquaponics system.  As you will see the outdoor system has horizontal as well as vertical grow sections.  There are 50 grow spaces, growing, Tomatoes, Eggplants, several varieties of Lettuce, Basil, Cilantro, Chives and Parsley.  You will also see that the plant growth is all at different stages as the plants were planted in a staggered manner to insure a constant supply of fresh and ripe food. These plants are being supported by about 35 fish currently (they are being eaten on a regular basis) that weigh between approximately 20 and 28 ounces.


In this video you will see a variety of plants growing in an Indoor Aquaponics system. The plants are a variety of sizes as the plants were planted in a staggered manner to insure a constant supply of fresh and ripe food.  The plants are being fed by approximately 70 fish that are currently about 2 ounces in weight.


Tilapia Fry

The indoor Tilapia have recently done their jobs.  Both females carried eggs and hatched fry within days of each other.  Here are a series of short videos showing some of the results.

Tilapia are mouth breeders, so in addition to carrying their fertilized eggs in their mouths they will also carry their newly hatched fry in their mouths for several days to protect them.  In this short video you can see a Tilapia with a mouth full of newly hatched Fry.


The next 2 videos show the huge amount of fry that are produced of fish this size and age.  There are literally hundreds of fry that are produced at this point of the fishes development.



4 month old Tilapia


This short post looks at the current stage of the Tilapia growing in the indoor Aquaponics system. They are currently about 4 months old and doing just fine. At this age the fish are beginning to diverge in size according to sex. The Males are approximately 5 inches long and 1.5 ounces while the Females are 4 inches and 1 ounce.





Breeder with Eggs in her mouth

Tilapia are mouth breeding fish.  Essentially what happens is that the male (the larger of the fish) will dig out a hole in the sand/gravel and essentially invite a female into that hole to lay her eggs.  She will lay the eggs and the male will inseminate them. Then the female will pick the eggs back up and hold them in her mouth until they hatch.  During that time she wont eat, which is one way to be cued onto the fact that a fish may be pregnant.  The other way is that you can essentially see the eggs in her mouth as she filters water.  She opens her mouth less than the other fish and when you look in you can see hundreds of dots churning around inside of her mouth.  Once the eggs hatch the fry will still occasionally stay in the mothers mouth when they feel threatened.  While the Tilapia are constantly reproducing in both the indoor and outdoor aquaponics tanks I also maintain a breeder tank as a back up.  The video below is a poor attempt (very hard to film) to show a female with her mouth full of eggs, the best view happens at about 1:28.