Indoor Aquaponics System

What if your school had a year long, project based, daily STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) curriculum that young people enjoyed?

What if the results of this curriculum could feed the whole school lunch?

What if the system created in your institution also led to summer jobs and the creation of a farmers market?



Outdoor Aquaponics System

What if every young person who went though this curriculum gained enough expertise to manage their own system and their family became eligible for a home system?

What if these home systems were assembled by young people and this training gave them a leg up in the world of green tech jobs?
What if a family could produce over 150 units of vegetables and 50 pounds of fish in the summer months?


Peppers and Tomatoes from Garden

What if the next year all you needed was another bag of seeds?
What if by bringing food production to the homes of residents of urban food deserts you introduced a sustainable and transformative Public Health intervention?



Urban Rooftop Garden

What if we placed a larger system every couple of blocks in an urban food desert and turned it into a sustainable micro-business?

What if there were sustainable solutions in urban, suburban, domestic, international environments that are related to problems surrounding education, public health, and micro-business creation?



16 month old Tilapia

What if all of this was possible?  It is…

City Chicken

Adaptable Cultivation develops and implements agricultural techniques ranging from Aquaponics to Rooftop Gardening developed in environments ranging from Schools to Homes, and in settings including Urban, Rural and beyond.  Models have been developed to address needs related to Education Curriculum, Public Health Intervention, Job Readiness, Micro Businesses as well home consumption.  Adaptable Cultivation is a member of the Innovative Solutions Collective demonstrating its commitment to working towards transformative solutions to difficult problems. Please refer to our Projects and Partnerships Offered page to get more details about what we offer.